Legal Services
The most crucial window for defence work is often the first few days following an arrest, or even prior to formal charges being filed. Call now for a complimentary case evaluation.

  • Lori R. Dubin provides legal services for bail hearings and bail reviews,murder, manslaughter, all types of assaults, robbery, break and enter, theft, possession fraud, forgery, drug offences, impaired , over 80 and dangerous driving offences, sex offences, fail to comply and breach of probation, Youth Criminal Justice Act matters involving youths between the ages of 12 and 17 and estreatment hearings.

  • If you have been charged with any of these offences, Lori Dubin will employ her resources to get the charges against you dropped or reduced. In order to obtain successful results, Lori will conduct a thorough pre-trial investigation by demanding and examining complete disclosure of all evidence which are in the hands of the prosecutor. If necessary, she`ll interview police, involved parties, and any possible witnesses, to expose any lies or exaggerations. She`ll also ensure that no evidence against you was obtained illegally.

    Lori  Dubin collaborates with a team of professionals to help strengthen your defence. She has a vast dossier of private investigators and experts in numerous fields, such as ballistics, toxicology and forensic psychiatry. If applicable, Lori Dubin`s team of experts will  testify on your behalf .

  • Telephone our office today for a complimentary case evaluation in your legal matters. Call 416-323-5798
  • Legal Services for Colleagues
    Professional Referrals
    Lori R. Dubin is a criminal defence lawyer who many law firms trust to counsel their clients on criminal law issues. Lawyers who refer their clients to Lori Dubin can be certain she will personally attend to their clients' matters and duly respect existing professional relationships of referring lawyers and their clients. Upon request, Ms. Dubin will keep you informed and involved throughout the representation period.
    Co-Counsel Arrangements & Agency Work
    Lori Dubin understands that lead counsel can benefit through coordinating efforts with other lawyers. Lori encourages invitations to assist her colleagues in representing their clients. Create a legal `dream team` now by recruiting Lori Dubin on a  co-counsel or agency basis.