Legal Fees

Legal fees will vary in accordance with the complexity of each case and the instructions provided. However, Lori R. Dubin, Criminal Lawyer, is very much aware of how unplanned legal expenses may place a strain on a client's finances. As the legal counsel, Lori is committed to providing each client with available alternatives, regarding the conduct and strategy of their defence and the costs involved with each option. Lori will devise a fee strategy to accommodate each client's unique circumstances.

Legal Aid

Financing your defence
Regardless of a person’s financial state, Lori R. Dubin makes a client’s freedom, top priority. Providing affordable legal services to low income people, is very important to Lori. This commitment is demonstrated by her acknowledgement of legal aid certificates, from a significant percentage of her clients. The acceptance of legally-aided clients is determined on a case by case basis. Even if the client does not qualify for legal aid, Lori is committed to making her legal services affordable.