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Guilt or innocence does not matter. Lori R. Dubin, Criminal Lawyer, has the experience and ‘know-how’, to gain control of any clients' case.

Lori puts an end to the chaos and ensures the best possible outcome, in any given situation. Rest assured, Lori ‘consistently’ gains successful results because her clients receive representation that is ‘always’ in their best interest. Minimize or eliminate the penalties you face by calling Lori R. Dubin at 416 323 5798. Contact Us By Email

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Lori R. Dubin is dedicated to providing affordable legal services to low income individuals. Her commitment is demonstrated by her acknowledgement of legal aid certificates from many of her clients.
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Use the following links to access helpful web resources such as the Criminal Code of Canada, a Legal Glossary of Terms and the Legal Aid offical website, click here to view all helpful links.